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Are you thinking customer experience?

Passion for our customers is what it is all about. Here are some recent articles focused on the customer experience.

Protecting Our Data-Driven Efforts In a world that’s ever-more reliable on data, some proposed policies in front of Congress threaten to hamper companies’ customer-experience efforts. If Congress passes some of the proposed data privacy bills, personalization in marketing and one-to-one communications will deteriorate.

Data, Data Everywhere The new reality of marketing is one in which consumers expect a sophisticated level of personalization in their communications, offers, and interactions with companies. At DMA2012 in Las Vegas, thought leaders from all aspects of the direct marketing industry will converge to discuss and share best practices about how to help organizations move forward on the path toward integrated, one-to-one communications.

Why Some Companies Succeed–For Now–Despite Their Poor Customer Experiences Recently there was a question via email from one of Forrester‘s clients, who asked: “How do you explain the success of companies that consistently provide a poor experience but perform well financially?”

Delivering Customer Service That Makes an Emotional Connection Many companies strive to provide great customer service. However, few companies deliver the kind of customer service that makes an emotional connection with customers – the kind of connection that fosters loyalty and willingness if not an eagerness among customers to recommend a company to a friend.

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