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Motivate millennials, bill customers later, Klout perks, LinkedIn recruting and more

Motivate Millennials: Take a Cue From Video Games Millennials don’t readily accept doing tasks just because “I said so.” They want to understand why they should do something–the overall objective, goal, or purpose. And they want to wrap their heads around how the work that we do as a company impacts our customers. To keep millenials engaged, take time to explain the purpose, and cause and effect of how their role is important. Just like popular video games, they need a princess or a kingdom to save.

Bill Customers Later, Get Paid Now Just in time for the holiday shopping season, PayPal will let you offer customers a buy now, pay later option. Bonus: You get paid right away.

Klout Makes Perks Easier to Claim Klout announced several enhancements to its Perks program Wednesday, including an update to its iPhone app as well as a new Passbook card.

How Small Businesses Can Use LinkedIn to Recruit In one sense, LinkedIn has revolutionized job recruiting, but in another sense it hasn’t. After all, the social network is just a giant database of potential employees. To actually recruit, you still have to email or even — gulp — pick up the phone. If you’re a small business, you have to do some number-crunching to determine how much to invest in LinkedIn. If you’re looking to fill just one or two positions, then spending $7,000 or so for LinkedIn Recruiter might be a bit extravagant. However, if you considered hiring a specialist or firm to fill those positions, that 15% to 30% of a hire’s first-year salary might go to the recruiter.

Applying Customer Centricity Beyond the Private Sector Customer centricity is often associated with steps that companies in the private sector can take to build closer relationships with their customers and to deliver products, services, and experiences that are designed with the customer in mind. But customer centricity doesn’t just apply to the business world. As a Peppers & Rogers Group white paper points out, a growing number of governments, associations, and non-profits around the world are adopting best practices from the business community and designing citizen-centric offerings and experiences for its constituents.

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