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Customer Experience Update: 11/3/2012

Fidelity Communications Brings Customer Experience Into the Contact Center For smaller companies, superior service often becomes their ticket to success. For Fidelity Communications, a high-speed Internet, phone, and cable TV provider based in Missouri, transforming their contact center became the way to satisfy customers and engage call center agents across multiple states, thereby cutting costs, decreasing hold time, and building loyal relationships in an industry overshadowed by big business.

Hoffman’s Hot Seat: Building the Contact Center of the Future 1to1 Media’s Tom Hoffman catches up with Paul Jarman, CEO at inContact, about the trends that are shaping customer service, including rising customer expectations and the need for companies to become more agile and responsive in meeting the needs and preferences of their customers, and how these factors are influencing the requirements for running the contact center of the future.

6 Tips for Social Media Customer Service Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and is providing organizations a new way to interact with their customers and foster relationships. And customers themselves are leveraging social media to get the answers they need from the brands they do business with quicker and also magnify their voice. According to Jasdev Dhaliwal, head of communities for global social media and online engagement at AVG, 17 percent of Americans have used social media for their customer service needs at least once in the past year. “Customers have a voice and they’re using it,” Dhaliwal said during the Social Media for Customer Service Summit organized this week by Useful Social Media.

Your Customers Are Complaining. Do Something About It – I’m about to start a gut renovation of my kitchen, which, of course, is an incredibly stressful — not to mention expensive – project. For cabinets, we got a recommendation for a designer at a local cabinet store. We met with her, got some great ideas, and went home to wait for the quote.

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