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Social Media Update: 11/4/2012

6 Habits of Highly Successful People Using Social Media for SalesSocial media has revolutionized how companies handle sales responsibilities. The traditional approaches to reaching out to new customers have been upended in many ways as business communication becomes increasingly social, with sales teams and social media managers working together in a unit to drive customer adoption.

This Week in Social Media Law: Do Cyberbullies Have First Amendment Rights?A regular roundup of interesting issues at the intersection of social media and the law, as written by some of the nation’s leading lawyers. Cyberbullies claim First Amendment rights to freedom of speech (and lose). Company learns that the best defense against CAN-SPAM Act violations is a good contract. California Attorney General raises the bar for company privacy policies (for all of us).

Top 10 Reasons You’re Not BloggingAddressed to all the naysayers who have not yet put fingers to keyboard and started blogging, here are the author’s top 10 reasons why he thinks you “have not yet embraced the manifold benefits of blogging…”

Is Your Content Marketing Keeping Pace with Your Buyers?If buyer’s abilities to master content are doubling every year, is your ability to inform growing at the same rate? This is profound. Buyers exposed to static content for two years straight are bound to lose interest. Fast.

How to Effectively Listen on the Social Web [Infographic]An easy two-step guide on monitoring and acting on social media conversations to uncover deeper meaning of social conversations.

3 Ways to Boost Your Brand Without FacebookNow that we know Facebook is charging brands to reach their own cultivated fans bases, what’s a brand to do? If you don’t have a budget for Facebook, here are three ways you can boost your brand without it.

Why Most Corporate Culture Programs FailTribes have cultures, organizations don’t — unless they are one tribe. Most organizations have many tribes — you may have a developer tribe, a sales tribe, multiple customer service tribes, a cost conscious tribe, an innovator tribe, a middle management tribe, or a tribe of Belgian-American wine drinkers. Having multiple tribes means that you have multiple cultures.

Link Building Strategies of Yosemite Sam Meet Google’s Disavow ToolMuch like the cartoon counterpart, Yosemite Sam the link builder lacks strategy and instead gallops into the far reaches of the internet in search of links. I picture the Yosemite Sam link building strategy is one with guns drawn, wildly shooting into the air while jumping up and down left to right yelling “Wahoo! LINKS! Gimmie‘dem links!” To Sam, a link is a link and he wants all of them. This was working for him until a penguin walked onto the set…

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