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As a fundraiser, are you tired of endless appeals?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a fascinating interview with fundraising guru Penelope Burk, author of the upcoming Donor-Centered Leadership. Turns out it’s not just donors who grow weary of too many direct mail appeals and telemarketing calls.  It’s apparently a frequent reason fundraisers quit their jobs—the relentless pressure to bombard donors.  They’d prefer to take the time to figure out which solicitations work, but they often aren’t given the time or latitude to have a more thoughtful approach.

Over-solicitation, says Burk, is the most common reasons donors give for stopping their support of a charity.  Instead donors want to know what’s been done with their money.  Then they’d be willing to give again.  But too often, they get appeals instead of thanks and reports on impact.

Here’s Burk’s advice.

1. Thank donors after they give.

2. Send them a follow up thanks with detailed information about how their money was used.

3. Only ask for money AFTER you do these two things, and when you do, be as specific as you can about why you are asking for money.  What specific cause will benefit?

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