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The Wilson Nonprofit Report for Thursday, April 18, 2013

The only thing worse for a marketer than giving fundraisers no leads, is giving them bad ones: According to 1to1 Media, the only thing worse for a marketer than giving fundraisers no leads, is giving them bad ones. Lack of information on prospects such as their organization size, industry sector, job title, or just simple contact information can stop a record dead in its tracks, even though it may be a quality lead. Marketing processes like lead scoring, which prioritize the most important leads, are dependent upon correct information at the contact, demographic, and company level. More

What do good nonprofit supporter engagement strategies look like? Here is a great visual from the recent NTEN conference. More

Who are the most generous online U.S. cities? When it comes to charitable giving, some U.S. cities consistently rise to the top in their adoption of digital giving channels. Blackbaud recently released its fifth annual ranking of the Most Generous Online U.S. Cities based on 2012 online giving data from Blackbaud customers. More

How Nonprofit Leaders Make Time for Social Media: Get Started With Small Steps: As a nonprofit leader, the best way to get started on social media is to make the commitment to make the time – like anything new whether it be a new exercise regimen or a diet and especially for learning a new tool, habit, or skill. Pick something small and an easy win and repeat for 3 weeks. Maybe you want to get started with Twitter – start by summarizing an article you have read and want to share. Don’t say you have #notimetotweet. Just do it. More

Your desk job makes you fat, sick and dead Podio co-founder Jon Froda along with panelists Cali Williams Yost, CEO and Founder of Work+Life Fit Inc, Kate Lister from Telework Research & Richard Leyland, Founder of Worksnug explored the potential of ‘workshifting‘ and how working from anywhere has immense possibilities when it comes to productivity & work-life balance. More

Are there risks to mobile CRM?: There’s no stopping the mobile CRM revolution, but those who rush into it headlong with an eye only to the many benefits may be in for an unpleasant shock. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, mobile CRM is laden with risks, too — from getting on the wrong side of the customer to getting on the wrong side of the federal government. Then there are the myriad security concerns that go along with making sensitive data accessible on a device that may be woefully insecure. More  …

How to build a great nonprofit Board of Directors: Identifying and recruiting board members can be a daunting task, especially if an organization is new or reshaping itself. Either way, existing members of the board and community have a challenge ahead of them when identifying and recruiting qualified candidates. Blue Avocado, a nonprofit magazine for nonprofits, compiled a list of the Ten Biggest Mistakes Boards and Executives Make. Some of the mistakes mentioned can be avoided by trying out a couple strategies. More

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