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Is your nonprofit using TrustRadius to rate and review software yet?

If a pizza joint gets 1000 reviews, why shouldn’t a nonprofit software product have some? That is the simple premise of TrustRadius.

I recently caught up with Vinay Bhagat, Founder of  Convio. As most of you know, his company was acquired last May and he has started a new company called TrustRadius. TrustRadius is a new business social network designed to help professionals share intelligence about enterprise technologies. As you know, it can be really difficult to get candid, robust intelligence on products so I think the idea has a lot of merit. Their initial focus is on business applications – mostly SAAS. They have just launched a public beta and are looking for professionals knowledgeable about different applications to participate. I just signed up for their private beta last fall and encourage you to join now that it is public.  To register and start reading or writing reviews, visit www.trustradius.com, click on Join.Vinay Bhagat - Convio Founder

I think this can be valuable for the nonprofit community. Finally some transparency.

Many pundits talk about the “consumerization of the enterprise”. While it often refers to the use of social media or mobile devices in the enterprise, I believe it’s really more a shift towards consumer like experiences within the enterprise, coupled with business users driving the adoption of technology. As consumers, most of us rely heavily on peer reviews for many of the decisions we make – which restaurant to eat at, which movie to see, which hotel to stay at, which appliance to buy, which home contractor to hire. In my home town of Austin, one of the more popular pizza joints has over 1000 reviews. Yet, equivalent peer reviews are generally not available to aid critical business decisions like selecting enterprise technology.

via Guest Blog: Vinay Bhagat – The Birth of TrustRadius | Business Technology Partner.

  1. May 9, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Michael – thanks so much for your post. Now with our public site – http://www.trustradius.com, you can browse the product directory and read unlimited review excerpts without registering. You can also read a couple of full in-depth reviews. The benefits of registering are unlimited free access to in-depth reviews, the ability to follow products/categories to be notified when new content appears, join the discussion, comment etc.

    Our mission is simple – to bring the same transparency that consumers have experienced as a result of peer review sites to B2B technology purchasing. We believe the best insights come from actual users of products.

    Our reviews are structured and in-depth, and you can filter to find reviews from companies and people most like you.

    One of the coolest features we have is the ability to run side by side comparisons e.g.

    If you are passionate about a particular software package, or have had a less satisfactory experience, please come share your perspectives. You can join discussions (https://www.trustradius.com/discussions), or write a review:

    Contributors build their reputation scores within the platform, and earn badges for participation. As our network scales, building your reputation in TrustRadius can help your visibility as a technology thought leader, if you’re a consultant, enhance your brand reputation and generate business, make your a more attractive candidate to recruiters, and give you more clout with vendors.

    Vinay Bhagat
    CEO, TrustRadius

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