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Consulting Services

January 3, 2013 5 comments

Consulting services are usually longer term engagements to focus on a specific area of specialty. Engagements usually look at a challenge, assess the current state, formulate a desired future state, conduct a gap analysis and create an actionable road-map. Some recent engagements have been:

  • Constituent Experience Assessment
    • Define the Stages of Experience to Gain Alignment around Constituent experience
    • Develop Experience Based Constituent Listening and Feedback
    • United (Cross-Silo) Experience Reliability and Accountability
    • Manage Constituents as Assets – Prove the ROI between Experience and Growth
    • Create a “One Organization” Constituent Experience Culture
  • Talent/High Performer Assessment
    • Hiring and recruiting
    • On boarding
    • Ongoing development and training
    • Outplacement
    • 360 Assessments
    • Online Surveys
  • Development (Fundraising) Assessment
    • Major Gifts
    • Planned Giving (Charitable Estate Planning)
    • Direct Response
    • Special Events
    • Cause Marketing
    • Memorial Giving
    • Employee Campaigns
    • Capital Campaign (Feasibility studies and implementations)
  • Chapter/Affiliate Relations Consultation
    • Mergers
    • Shared Services
    • Consolidation
    • Centralization
  • ROI Assessment and Road-map
  • Business Technology
    • Consumerization of IT readiness
  • Governance and Oversight
    • Board of Directors
    • C-Suite
    • Technology
    • Mission Delivery
  • Digital Strategy Assessment
    • Mobile
    • Social
    • Web
    • Video
  • Strategic Planning and Delivery
    • Mission Delivery
    • Development

All consulting engagements are custom designed to meet your challenges and create the action you want the organization to take. Services also include follow up and change management components to ensure success.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the consulting, you pay nothing.

Other services include: